DNCE BC 2563
Dance Composition: Form, Dance/Theater
An exploration of choreography that employs text, song, vocal work, narrative and principles of artistic direction in solo and group contexts
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.
3 points.

DNCE BC 2563
Dance Composition: Form
The study of choreography as a creative art. The development and organization of movement materials according to formal principles of composition in solo and duet forms. Applicable to all styles of dance.
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.
3 points.

DNCE  BC 2564
Dance Composition: Content
Continued study of choreography as a communicative performing art. This semester of dancemaking focuses on the exploration of ideas and meaning. Emphasis is placed on the development of personal style as an expressive medium, and on unity of style in each work. Group as well as solo compositions will be assigned.
3 points.

DNCE BC 3334

1 point.

DNCE BC 3338
Contact Improvisatio
An examination of the gender neutral partnering technique that is now common in contemporary dance. Focus is placed on recent improvisatory forms, sensation building, center connection and risk. Emphasis is placed on listening and sensing rather than controlling or leading.
1 point. Limited to twenty.

DNCE BC 3339
Advanced Contact Improvisatio
A deeper examination of this gender neutral partnering technique further exploring compositional forms as they arise from the practice. Students will also investigate a variety of set repertory dance texts that have originated from contact improvised material. Contact improvisation is a prerequisite for Advanced Contact.
1 point

DNCE BC 3560 Composition: ScreenDance 
The objective of the course is to gain an understanding of choreographing for the camera and the choreography of the camera when recording dance for all screens. Also called “Dance on Camera” or “Dancefilm,” this hybrid form of dance and film is taking root in the global dance community in the last few years. This experiential, hands-on course requires all students to choreograph, dance, and film. Focusing on single-shot filmmaking, the duet of the camera and the dance will create a firm understanding of the interaction between the two, enabling students to create their own final short film. Readings and screenings will introduce the history and theory of the arena of experimental and interdisciplinary practice of this form. We will use this knowledge to inform the process, discussions, and product.
Prerequisite:  Dance Composition Course and dance training, or permission of the instructor.
3 points

DNCE BC 3565 Composition: Collaboration and the Creative Process
This course is a study in dance composition with a focus on collaboration.  Whether creating a solo or larger group piece, students are encouraged to collaborate with other artists. Methods employed by contemporary choreographers will be explored.  Peer feedback and creative dialogue will be a component of every class.
Prerequisite: Dance Composition:  Form (DNCE BC 2563) or Dance Composition: Content (DNCE BC 2564), or permission of the instructor.
3 points.

DNCE BC 3566 Composition: Site Specific and Experimental Methods
Focuses on collaborative creation as conceptual artists, choreographers, improvisers, and performers with an emphasis on site-specific projects and experimental methods. 3pts.