Global and Somatic Forms

DNCE BC 1247, 1248
Jazz I: Beginning Jazz Dance

Prerequisite: DNCE BC 1137, BC 1138, BC 1332, or BC 1333. Intermediate level in modern or ballet technique is required.
1 point

DNCE BC 1445, 1446
Tap I: Beginning Tap Dance
Prerequisite: Experience in any dance or movement form.  Students with no formal dance  training may be accepted based on abilities in the first two (placement) classes.
1 point

DNCE BC 2248, 2249
Jazz II: Intermediate Jazz Dance

Prerequisite: DNCE BC 1247, BC 1248 or Permission of the Instructor
1 point

DNCE BC 2250
Hip Hop Dance & Culture

This Course introduces intermediate level students to urban dance styles, focusing on foundations and origins of hip-hop dance, street dance culture, and the physical vocabularies of hip-hop and freestyle dance. Classes are geared to condition the body for the rigors of hip-hop technique by developing strength, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and rhythmic awareness, while developing an appreciation of choreographic movement and structures. Compositional elements of hip-hop will be introduced and students may compose brief movement sequences.  The course meets twice weekly and is held in the dance studio.
Prerequisite: Intermediate level of a dance form or permission of the instructor.
1 point

DNCE BC 2252
African Dance I

Concentrates on the dances of West Africa, including Senegal, Mali, and Guinea, and a variety of dances performed at various functions and ceremonies. Explanation of the origin and meaning of each dance will be an integral part of the material presented.
 Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor
1 point

DNCE BC 2253
African Dance II

Prerequisite: DNCE BC 2252 or Permission of the Instructor
1 point

DNCE BC 2254
Classical Indian Dance

Principles and practices of Bharata Natyam including the adavu movement system, hasta or hand gestures, narrative techniques, or abhanaya, as well as other classical Indian dance forms.
1 point

DNCE BC 2255
Afro-Cuban Dance:  Orisha, Rumba, Salsa

This class will introduce students to the African-based folkloric and popular dances of Cuba, including Orisha, Rumba, and Salsa.  In addition to learning rhythms and dances, these forms will be contextualized within the historical and contemporary significance of Afro-Cuban dance performance.
1 point                                  

DNCE BC 2447
Tap II: Intermediate Tap Dance

Prerequisite: DNCE BC 1445, 1446, or previous training in fast beginning or advanced beginning level tap technique and repertory.
1 point

DNCE BC 2452
Pilates for the Dancer

Focus on movement practices, primarily for dancers, which introduces the concepts of Joseph Pilates, a seminal figure in creating a method of body conditioning. Learn and practice a repertory of mat work to improve body awareness, strength, flexibility, and dynamic alignment.
Permission of instructor or DNCE BC 1330, 1331, 1135, 1136.
1 point

DNCE BC 2558
Tap Ensemble

Offers Tap Dancers the opportunity to learn and rehearse Tap Dance repertory through original choreography, restaging historic work and exploring improvisation.
 Prerequisite: DNCE BC 2447, DNCE BC 2448 or DNCE BC 2580 or Permission of the Instructor.
3 points

DNCE BC 3150
Advanced Studio

For those students who have completed the highest levels of technique and wish to continue advanced dance study at Barnard.
Prerequisites: Permission of the Dance Department. May be used once a semester with a maximum of four times for credit.
1 point

DNCE BC 3249
Jazz III: Advanced Jazz Dance

Prerequisite: DNCE BC 2248 or permission of the Instructor
1 point

DNCE BC 3250
Flamenco: Traditional techniques through Contemporary approaches

Prerequisites: DNCE BC 1137, BC 1138, BC 1332, or BC 1333, or Permission of the Instructor.  Intermediate level in modern or ballet technique is required.
1 point

DNCE BC 3447, 3448
Tap III: Advanced Tap Dance

Prerequisite: Previous training in intermediate or advanced level tap technique and repertory.
1 point