Ballet & Modern Dance

Level I courses, except for Global and Somatic Forms courses, receive a P/D/F grade and have no prerequisite. All others will receive a letter grade and require a placement audition (at the first meeting) or permission of the instructor. All courses listed below may be taken to fulfill the physical education requirement. One-point dance technique courses taken by non-dance majors for credit over and above the physical education requirement are included in the existing maximum of 18 points of studio, performing art, or professional school courses which may be credited toward the degree; a maximum of six courses in dance technique can be credited. A student may receive academic credit for a dance technique class only if she has completed or is concurrently completing the Physical Education requirement. All technique courses require permission of the instructor.

Modern Dance

The study of contemporary dance based on the work of 20th-century innovators, including
Cunningham, Graham, Limón,Taylor and release. Aesthetic principles of modern dance will be taught with increased technical demands required at each successive level.

DNCE BC 1330, 1331
Modern I: Beginning Modern Dance

1 point

DNCE BC 1332, 1333
Modern II: Advanced Beginning Modern Dance

1 point

DNCE BC 2332, 2333
Modern III: Intermediate Modern Dance

1 point
DNCE BC 2334, 2335
Modern IV: High Intermediate Modern Dance

1 point
DNCE BC 3332, 3333
Modern V: Advanced Modern Dance

1 point
DNCE BC 3335, 3336
Modern VI: High Advanced Modern Dance

1 point

DNCE BC 3150
Advanced Studio

For those students who have completed the highest levels of technique and wish to continue advanced dance study at Barnard.
Prerequisites: Permission of the Dance Department. May be used once a semester with a maximum of four times for credit.
1 point


Technique of classical ballet emphasizing proper alignment and graduated study of its vocabulary. Artistry of articulation, phrasing, dynamics, and nuance in the spectrum of classical materials will be addressed at each level.
DNCE BC 1135, 1136
Ballet I: Beginning Ballet

1 point
DNCE BC 1137, 1138
Ballet II: Advanced Beginning Ballet

1 point

DNCE BC 2137, 2138
Ballet III: Intermediate Ballet

1 point
DNCE BC 2139, 2140
Ballet IV: High Intermediate Ballet

1 point

DNCE BC 2143
Pointe: Intermediate to Advanced Study of Pointe Work for Ballet.

This course focuses on developing strength and refinement that is specific to pointe work for the intermediate and advanced ballet dancer. Permission of the instructor required.
Prerequisite: BC 2137 or permission of the instructor.
1 point
DNCE BC 3138, 3139
Ballet V: Advanced Ballet

1 point

DNCE BC 3140, 3141
Ballet VI: Advanced Ballet with Pointe

1 point
DNCE BC 3142, 3143
Classic Variations

Prerequisite/corequisite: DNCE BC 3138, BC 3139, or BC 3141.
1 point