Faculty and Staff


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Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Courses Contact
Gabri Christa Assistant Professor of Professional Practice  ScreenDance, Composition, Modern Dance Technique

312 Barnard Hall

Marjorie Folkman Term Associate Professor of Professional Practice. Modern, Ballet, Ensemble Repertory, Rehearsal & Performance, Dance In New York City

308-309 Barnard Hall
Office Hours:
Monday and Wednesday 2:30-3:30
and by appointment

Katie Glasner Chair, Senior Associate

Ballet, Dance in New York City 311 Barnard Hall
Office Hours:
Monday & Thursday 12-1p
or by appointment
212 854-2952
Paul Scolieri Associate Professor
Dance History, Performance Studies, Movement Theory & Analysis

313 Barnard Hall

Colleen Thomas-Young Associate Professor of Professional Practice Modern, Contact Improvisation, Ballet

314 Barnard Hall

Seth Williams Assistant Professor Dance History, Dance and Theater, Dance and Literature

307 Barnard Hall




Part Time Faculty

Name Title Contact
Cynthia Anderson Adjunct Lecturer canderso@barnard.edu
Jennifer Archibald Adjunct Lecturer jarchdance@gmail.com
Rebecca Bliss Adjunct Lecturer rbliss@barnard.edu
Siobhan Burke Adjunct Lecturer sburke28@gmail.com
Maguette Camara Adjunct Lecturer mcamara@barnard.edu
Mary Carpenter Adjunct Lecturer mcarpent@barnard.edu
Antonio Carmena Adjunct Lecturer acarmena@barnard.edu
Uttara Coorlawala Adjunct Professor ucoorlaw@barnard.edu
Molissa Fenley Adjunct Lecturer molissa@molissafenley.com
Caroline Fermin Adjunct Lecturer caroline.fermin@gmail.com
Chisa Hidaka Adjunct Lecturer chidaka@barnard.edu
Allegra Kent Adjunct Professor  no email address
Katiti King Adjunct Lecturer kking@barnard.edu
Melinda Marquez Adjunct Lecturer marquezflamenco@hotmail.com
Vincent McCloskey Adjunct Lecturer vmcclosk@barnard.edu
Jodi Melnick Adjunct Lecturer jomelnick@gmail.com
Margaret Morrison Adjunct Lecturer mmorriso@barnard.edu
Brian Reeder Adjunct Lecturer brianreeder111@hotmail.com
Leigh Schanfein Adjunct Lecturer lschanfe@barnard.edu
Jody Sperling Adjunct Lecturer jsperlin@barnard.edu
Kathryn Sullivan Adjunct Lecturer ksulliva@barnard.edu
Caitlin Trainor Adjunct Lecturer ctrainor@barnard.edu
Ashley Tuttle Adjunct Lecturer ashlova@mac.com
Andrea Weber Adjuncy Lecturer aweber@barnard.edu

Full-Time Staff

Name Title   Contact
Robert Boston Music Director   321M Barnard Hall
Tricia Toliver Lighting Designer / Technical Director   320M Barnard Hall
(212) 854-9771
Diane Roe
Administrative Assistant   310 Barnard Hall
(212) 854-2995


Music Accompanists           

Name Instrument  
Amaury Acosta Drums  
Flora Arbitman Piano  
Marlon Cherry Percussion  
Charles Hart Drums  
Philip Hamilton Piano, Percussion, Vocals  
John Lander Piano  
Arturo Martinez Guitar  
Hank Mason Piano  
Michael McFrederick Piano  
Kelly Moran Piano  
John Rich Piano  
Mary Beth Roberts Piano  
Mangue Sylla African Drums