Read reviews of "Barnard Dances at Miller," which featured students performing works by choreographers Faye Driscoll, Kyle Abraham, Jon Kinzel, and Jill Johnson. 

An excerpt from Reading Dance no. 3:

"After intermission we saw Jon Kinzel’s Amnesia: Part 1 and 2, a sensitive and sophisticated investigation of the academic situation and the young female students. Kinzel’s pensive postmodern dance of slow movement, stillness, vaguely gestural poses, and classical formations and patterns, broke for a central, video section. On the drop-down screen, students are working with antique hoops from the Barnard Greek Games in a classroom studio and then they speak about a commencement speech by Meryl Streep; they reflect on notions of performance and reality. The screen raises and they dance with the hoops. Their costumes look like early century gym uniforms. Amnesia— with its studied, sustained, pedestrian poses and slow tempo— is a release from all the high-energy and athleticism in this evening and in contemporary dance. The music-box score is Nora Laudani’s Natural Disaster, Jazz Passengers Excerpt 2, and Stereo Lab’s How to play your internal organs overnight. The six dancers fill the stage with undancerly moves that are inexplicably engaging. Kinzel illuminates them them as one."


An excerpt from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

"Four disparate choreographers, three with ties to Brooklyn, provided four charming vehicles for the student dancers of Barnard College’s Department of Dance."