In Dance Magazine, Anna Schon '07 writes, "I dance because it makes me incandescently happy."

Read the full article.  An excerpt about Anna:

"Anna Schon is a tiny dancer with a bold presence. In Reggie Wilson’s The Good Dance at Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2009 (above), she brought an almost irreverent abandon to the West African–inflected movement, by turns lusciously sinuous and lightning-quick. A generous performer, she knows how to own every movement—infusing it with raw emotion and clear intention—without sacrificing her sensitivity to the dancers around her. It’s no surprise that for her, dance and spirituality are complementary passions.

A native of the Bronx, Schon studied ballet with Deborah Wingert at Studio Maestro and went on to earn her BA in dance and European studies from Barnard College, where she met Wilson. She has also danced for ZviDance, Jennifer Muller, Daniel Gwirtzman, and Mark Dendy and trained at Jacob’s Pillow and Summer Stages Dance. She lives in NYC."


Photo by Antoine Tempe