Technology and Digital

DNCE BC 3984
Digital Performance

An intensive conceptual and practice-based inquiry into the field of digital performance – the integration of computational, interactive, new media, and mobile technologies into experimental performance practice and research – its history, central concerns, scientific breakthroughs, and transformative impact on the role of the artist and on the notion of “live” art.
Prerequisite: A history and studio course in any discipline of the performing or visual arts (theater, dance, music, visual art, architecture, film) or experience with interactive or digital performance technologies. No prior experience with computer science or technology necessary.
4 points

DNCE BC 3985
DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS: Archival/New Media Research at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

This seminar is designed to introduce students to digital humanities in the performing arts.  Class will meet on campus and at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center to experiment with integrating archival and digital research methods and developing innovative multi-media scholarly compositions.  In so doing, students will gain a critical overview of digital humanities initiatives within the performance and film studies, as well as acquire skills in digital literacy (videographic analysis and annotation, new media research design, and online publication).
Prerequisite:  A history course in any of the performing or media arts (theater, dance, music, film).
4 points